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Summerita Rhayne - Hidden Passion

Hidden PassionHidden Passion by Summerita Rhayne
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I picked the book up for its attractive cover and the promise it had made of being an out and out romance of the Mills and Boon kind. I was NOT disappointed in my surmise.

The book jumps into the thick of the things from the word go. Right from the start, we see Princess Rukmini eyeing the handsome Samrat Deveshvarya. Rukmini is visiting Minali, the grand capital of Campavati, with her parents and family. They are the guests of Samrat Deveshvarya. Rukmini is instantly attracted to the rugged handsomeness of Devesh. She contrives to get close to him, but he treats her like a little girl who should be put back in her place.

As it happens, Devesh is not immune to the charms of Rukmini. He is quite taken by the hot headed, impulsive Princess. He is not really a king by lineage, and his low birth would never be accepted by the parents of Rukmini. Devesh wants no bad blood among the kings of his kingdoms. He is being sensible and trying to keep away from Rukmini.

He has a lot to learn about Rukmini, she is not just a spoilt princess. She is a determined young woman, and can take charge of her destiny. He finds he cannot ignore her, and she will find a way into his heart by hook or by crook.

The book is a romance, and it never strays from its path. There are all sorts of intrigues to keep the story interesting, but it never wanders far from the doings of Devesh and Rukmini. There is a lot of passion in the tale. I often find romance books by Indian authors a wee bit insipid. Not this book! The tale is told with a lot of zeal and gusto.

There is plenty of naughty stuff going on too. I had to fan myself frequently to cool off a bit. Whew!

The language could have been better here and there. Maybe a few simpler words in place of grand ones. The story focuses on just the two people and others seem to make guest appearances in their story.

It serves to keep the tale uncluttered, as it is a romance and the story keeps firmly on its track, the passionate tale of Devesh and Rukmini.

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