Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Hugh Laurie - The Gun Seller

The Gun SellerThe Gun Seller by Hugh Laurie
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Hugh Laurie is a successful actor. Following his twitter account, I came to know that he is a musician as well. He loves motorcycles. One chance post by his fan club introduced me to the book he had written.

Now this is quite an accomplishment. How does he find time from his acting/singing/motorcycling to write a book as well? Perhaps he was filling time between assignments.

I had to read this, I am a huge fan of Hugh. A quick visit to kindle, and he book was in my hands. I love the instantaneous delivery of a kindle purchase. No waiting for the courier to land up at my door in a week's time.

Thomas Lang is a sort of a secret agent. He seems to be highly undercover, or is out of work at the moment. He has received an offer of good amount money to kill a rich American businessman called Woolf. He turns the offer down and goes to warn Woolf of the danger to his life. This little visit triggers a series of events which land our Lang in a lot of hot soup.

This is not merely a thriller. This is a funny thriller which makes you conjure up someone like Rowan Atkinson playing Lang. The book makes you laugh out loud at times. It is fast paced enough to keep you pressing the page flip button. I managed to read it in two or three days time, which is quite a feat for me.

Every funny book is compared to P.G. Wodehouse, and despite the connection between Laurie and Wodehouse, I will not do it. No one can be like P.G. Wodehouse. Hugh Laurie is funny writer, and he has written an engaging book.

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Vani said...

Ava, is it a good read? Excellent review, by the way!!

Ava Suri said...

Yes, it is :) Fun stuff.

Ashwin Baindur said...

Yeah, Till I saw House, I never realised how under-rated he is as a thespian. :)

Ava Suri said...

Yes. Then you go back and see Bertie and Jeeves and appreciate him all the more.

The book is pretty good too.

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