Saturday, July 30, 2011

Puneetinder Kaur Sidhu - Adrift A Junket Junkie in Europe

It was a discarded ticket by a 'gainfully employed' sibling that set Puneet off on a trip to Europe.  It helped that she had a string of relatives and friends scattered across Europe, willing to put up with her.  At times even inviting her.  That's an offer not many of us would refuse.

She starts at London, moving on to Germany,  Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Hungary, Austria and France.  She discovers mitfahr, a sort of a carpooling between countries, very soothing to the pocket of a person who is a junket junkie, not a millionaire tossing away some black money casually while 'doing' the world.

Here is a first person account of an unusual trip.  We get to know these countries as a person sees them, not as some travel brochure describes them.  Hence it is easy to feel her passion when she talks about the most romantic city in the world - Vienna.

What I liked best about the book was the insouciance of the author.  It is so typically Punjabi.  I am a fan of the author's blog as well.Cutting Loose  Her writing is simple, yet pithy and fetching.  I have met her briefly once, and she is as large hearted and friendly as any Punjabi can be.

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