Wednesday, May 13, 2015

John Hennessy - Murderous Little Darlings

                                     Published: Self
Bought:, Kindle store

Marcus, Rocco and Juliana are 9-year-old triplets who lost their mother in childbirth.  They are angelic to look at and draw cute comments from people who see them for the first time.  They are not what they seem.  In fact, they are struggling to discover who they are.

Marcus is the eldest of the triplets by an hour and their leader.  He says they are vampires and must feed on humans and kill them.  Rocco is the middle child and easily swayed.  He hates being in thrall to his older brother, but cannot help it.  Juliana is a strong child and knows her mind.

There are murders, kidnappings and police chases to liven things up.  People who look at the 'darling' triplets do not imagine their murderous designs.

This is a small novella, just 65 pages long.  It is meant to be the first in a series of 7 books.  It has a twist at the end which makes the readers want more.  

It is perfect if you want a quick read and love horror.  John Hennessy keeps his language sparse.  I am not yet an expert on the little darlings.  I expect reading other books in the series will make the picture clearer.


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