Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Vani - The Recession Groom

The Recession GroomThe Recession Groom by Vani
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Parshuraman Joshi is a Punjabi Brahmin with roots in Chandigarh. He studies and works in the USA. He is rather under the thumb of his bossy aunt, Parvati, who has nurtured him. He is 27, earning well and ripe for marriage.

His sister Ragini and aunt Parvati try to outdo each other in looking for a perfect girl for Parshuraman. Poor Parshuraman starts feeling more like a commodity than a person as eager Mamas with young daughters pursue him.

However, the book is not all about funny situations. Parshuraman faces real tragedy when he faces problem at work. He has to find out where his heart really is before he can make crucial decisions about work and love.

The characters in the story, especially, Aunt Parvati, her daughters Tia and Ana, Ragini, Parshuraman, Bill, Jennifer, Tara, Uncle Ravi are all believable people with quirks and foibles that make them very human. However, the character I fell absolutely in love with, was Parshuraman's Grandmother, his Nani. She is an irascible woman with a loving heart. She is more modern than any of her granddaughters.

Vani keeps the language of the book simple and clear. There are no linguistic shenanigans here to annoy you. Yes, there was a bit or two where the dialogue felt a bit labored and stiff, but it did not rankle.

The story keeps moving on effortlessly. There is no situation in the book that seems contrived. It is as if you really are witnessing a part of someone's life.

This is Vani's debut novel. Hard to believe that, she writes like a Pro.

Welcome to the world of writing, Vani. May your lovely novel meet all the success it deserves.

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Vani said...

Wonderful review, Ava. I'm happy you liked the book.

Ava Suri said...

Thank you Vani. :)

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