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Anna Elliott - Pemberley to Waterloo - The Pride and Prejudice chronicles

Pemberley to Waterloo (Pride & Prejudice Chronicles, #2)Pemberley to Waterloo by Anna Elliott
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I enjoyed Anna Elliott's Georgiana Darcy's diary. It was among the first books I downloaded on kindle. It was a fun look into the world of Jane Austen.

We look further into the lives of the other characters of Pride and Prejudice. Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy are happy together. Elizabeth is expecting her first child, Jane Bingley has a daughter and is happy in her home.

Caroline is still haughty and aloof, but visits Pemberley from time to time. Georgiana is engaged to Col. Edward Fitzwilliam. They are happy to be together and are looking forward to getting married. But then, Napolean happens. Edward gets called away to serve as the aide-de-camp of the Duke of Wellington.

There is a lot of action and romance in the book. Georgiana takes on the role of Emma at times, playing matchmaker. At times she turns into Florence Nightingale. At times she is just a worried girl pining and worrying for her Fiance.

This book is even more fast paced and action packed than the earlier Georgiana Darchy's diary. The only thing that rankled was how she converts the previously perceived as 'bad' characters into 'good' ones. Spare us the sugar Anna! Give us some spice. We like mean girls.

I found it fun to take a peek again into the world of the beloved characters of Pride and Prejudice and see what's up with them. Next up is Kitty Bennett's diary, where she tries to find a match for Mary. Fun!

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Unknown said...

A nice sequel to Pride and Prejudice.I loved P& P. Will definitely read the sequel.

Bollyviwer said...

Just when I decide I am done with P&P and it's sequels, prequels, re-interpretaions, adaptations, TV series, movies, etc. up pops another interesting spinoff. :( Have you read Pamela Aidan's Fitzwilliam Darcy, Gentleman series? It tells the story of P&P from Darcy's perspective. It is, for most part, a regency romance, but well written and a good time-pass.

Ava said...

Thank you Ushaji

Bolly - No. I must check her out.

I loved these books by Anna Elliot. They brought the world of Jane Austen back.

Here I come Pam!

DoingDewey said...

This sounds like an interesting new take on the story, although I think I'd also dislike "bad" characters become "good" characters. It's fun to have a bad girl character and I also think it would bother me to see an author change who characters from the original were.

Ava said...

Thank you DD,

It is almost as if the writer is determined to fix the life of all the characters. Her next target is Mary!

It is nice to think of all the characters living happily every after, but there is no need to change them so dramatically.