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N.E. Brown S.L. Jenkins - Galveston, 1900, Indignities, The Affirmation

Galveston, 1900, Indignities, The Affirmation (Book #4)Galveston, 1900, Indignities, The Affirmation by N.E. Brown
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This is the final book in the Galveston series by N.E. Brown and S.L. Jenkins.

The authors are a mother-daughter duo who have crafted these books together. The mother, Brown, did all the research and the daughter, Jenkins, did the writing. Together they have turned out four highly readable books.

The books are not merely frothy romances. Catherine Merit has to face a lot of dark happenings in her life. She was abducted by David Brooks, a thorough criminal who killed Catherine's mother.  She had lived a terrible life with him, being raped and beaten repeatedly.

Starting from her first Thanksgiving in Galveston, U.S.A., Catherine faces a series of setbacks that prevent her from having a happy life.

In the last book, Catherine is recovering from an attempt to rape her. She killed the man Joe Brady, who was trying to have his way with her. The local main man, Micheal Atwood has a thing for her and Catherine finds it hard to cope with his forced attentions.

Catherine finds love slipping away from her once more and seems resigned to spending the rest of life alone. But there is a handsome new stranger in her life. But will he stay with her once her finds out about her past?

This novel is as gripping and free flowing as the rest in the series. My only grouse was that the story moved away from Galveston. The lovely seashore city does feature in this book, but not as prominently as I had hoped.

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