Monday, April 28, 2014

Bill O' Reilly, Martin Dugard - Killing Kennedy

Killing KennedyKilling Kennedy by Martin Dugard Bill O'Reilly
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There is no disputing the fact that John F. Kennedy was the most charismatic President the USA has seen. He came at the right time, when the 'social media' was Television, Newspapers and Magazines. The slower media was amenable to the good looking couple that found themselves in the White House.

We were yet decades and decades away from the more ruthless 'Right Now' social media of the 2010s.

This is not to say that Kennedy was unworthy of the adulation. He was hardworking and he knew what moves he had to make.

Reading a book about the Kennedy assassination, where the audience KNOWS what is about to happen could be unexciting. Yet Martin Dugard and Bill O'Reilly bring a thriller like feel to their book. It is well padded by the political happenings that lead to the assassination.

The authors avoid the conspiracy theories and keep to the facts as known to the world. As far as known, Lee Harvey Oswald was alone responsible for the killing. This is what the authors wisely stick to. They try and justify all the moves that others pointed to as fishy. For instance, Jack Ruby killing Lee Harvey, and Jackie Kennedy crawling on the back of the car towards her Security Service officer.

The book is interesting to read, especially for someone like me, who was not in the know of the complete story of Kennedy in the White House. However, the authors again stick to the story of JFK as President and there is little mention of his entire family. Only the brothers who were with him in the Government are mentioned. There is no mention of his mother Rose, who was supposed to be bossy.

A wise move as the topic of the book is Killing Kennedy and that is what the authors relate.

The book is great for a non-stop read, as it is unputdownable.

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Rohit Sharma said...

Sounds like a my type book.
Will get it now.
Apne keh diya to bus samjho ho gaya.

And fantastic review. As usual.

Ava Suri said...

Thanks Rohit,

You will not be disappointed.

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