Friday, August 16, 2013

Cap Lesesne - Confessions of a Park Avenue Plastic Surgeon

Confessions of a Park Avenue Plastic SurgeonConfessions of a Park Avenue Plastic Surgeon by Cap Lesesne
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I liked the book.  It is a memoire of a plastic surgeon.  There are not too many 'revelations' about celebrity clients.  They are merely hinted at.

There are times when the book reads like a documentary.  He lists the steps a person seeking plastic surgery should go through, the ways in which a client should assess a surgeon.  There is a chapter titled "Failures (and what to ask a surgeon)".

He even had a section in which he mentions skin-care.

"Some of the best skin I've ever seen belongs to women who cleanse with cold water and soap, then apply a mild moisturizer on the dry spots."

He recommends use of sunscreen lotion with SPF greater than 20, and re-application every two hours.

Exfoliate the skin regularly, he says.  He even recommends microdermabrasion - spraying of fine crystals at the skin to loosen dead tissue.

Hmm.. I confess, I found this part of the book quite interesting.

As for the rest, he writes about his education, how he got into plastic surgery.  He has some interesting anecdotes to narrate.

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Haddock said...

Plastic surgeon - a highly paying job.

Ava Suri said...

Yes. I saw his pics. He looks like a young Edward Kennedy.

Keeps himself smooth as well.

Money is, I am sure, plentiful.

harvey said...


Ava Suri said...

Actually Harvey, the book was pretty well written, hence not a total loss. I quite liked it.

Read my review of Sans Moi if you are looking for a really good book, the review that precedes this :)

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