Saturday, January 07, 2012

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I have been lax in reading, lax-er in reviewing books.  I had picked up Dan Brown's Deception Point on my last foray into Browser, Sector 8. Chandigarh, a private library I am a member of.  Along with it, I took 'Yes Prime Minister' of the famous TV series and Sikhs a book by Khushwant Singh. I had enjoyed his book Delhi very much.  It was nice mish-mash of history with fiction thrown in about the unparalleled and grand city (previously, now it is a state) of Delhi.

The latter two books are still being read by me.  I raced through Deception Point.  It had a good start.  It is election time in US of A.  The contending candidate for presidency, Senator Sedgewick Sexton is a jerk, we realise as we get to know how his daughter views him.  Rachel Sexton is an intelligence analyst for NRO, who soon finds herself embroiled in a series of events that find her nearly freezing to death in the Arctic, and back to Washington DC, to find out who did it.

Nothing wrong with the pace of the thriller.  Its Dan Brown, he knows how to pump the adrenaline into inert bodies lying on the couch and flipping pages of his book.  Its just the premise, finding alien rock with evidence of life stamped all over it is surely a biggie.  But then, the claim fizzles out faster than fizz fizzles out of a coke bottle left open.  The mystery is, who is behind the killings and why.  The suspense ends in a supposed twist, but the twist is not too well qualified with good reasons.  That was the deception point for me.  I must say Dan Brown does better with his ecclesiastical mysteries and his symbologist Dr. Robert Langdon, even if he seems to skedaddle around the world a little to much.

My old old friend, (she is not old, its just that we go way back) Smita of Bookslifeandmore has picked up several formidable challenges for the year 2012.  I wish her all the best, and choose for myself, admittedly the wimpiest of the challenges that seems do-able to me.  Here goes - Amen.


Vishal Kale said...
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Vishal Kale said...

I agree completely with you on this... I could not even complete this book. Dont know why, lost the plot somewhere in the middle, and moved on from the book. Not one of my favs

Wow, a seperate book blog? Good Idea. I keep only 1: have a book blog @, but dont publicize it at all, have not linked it anywhere. Nice Idea: Thanks


Smita said...


This is one of those rare Dan Brown books which I have read. Otherwise he isn't my type. That I don't remember much about the book says a lot for me because usually I don't forget the plot ;)

Thanks for taking up the challenge. I say that even if we manage to review 2 books a month that is good enough :)

Abhay Patel said...

Really good one. I think people should go through it. Thank you for sharing.

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Ava Suri said...

Vishal, Well, I did finish it, but was thoroughly fed up with the 'deception'.

Smita - He isn't my favorite, but he surely is racy. Two books a month .. hmm.. sounds doable.

Abhay - Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hey dont write off dan brown after reading deception point. i have read all this books and this one is the worst and that too by a good measure. Try digital fortress or angels and demons.

Ava Suri said...

Alone, Thanks!

I like Angels and Demons most, though I find it so crowded with happenings. If you say so, I will try digital fortress.

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